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    Whether you switched when the iPhone 5 came out like me or any other time recently, keep an eye on that AT&T bill. Since they bill 1 month in advance (like all other carriers do with contract customers also) they have to adjust that final bill to refund the portion of the bill for when you no longer had their service. With AT&T at least, they have nothing set up in their system to automatically do this, so if you have autopay you may have to fight for your money back. Just a suggestion: cancel the autopay before the final bank draft takes place. I've been fighting for $190 since 9/21 when I ported my line to Verizon and had to actually contact my bank to dispute the charge rather than AT&T fixing it themselves.
    Anyway, hope nobody else has the same experience! Having Verizon is still worth going thru all the extra trouble. Gotta love lte!
    2012-11-17 07:29 PM