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    I had sent my white iPhone 5 in for service @ apple home button stopped responding and light leakage and they have Notified me that they have sent out a replacement (refurb). So my question is will the refurb have a clean esn? Stopped paying for service through sprint and switched to Verizon so the iphone that was sent in was marked with a bad esn. If the refurb is marked with a bad esn then what good is it good for? Already got a new Verizon iPhone 5. Thanks to the community in advance.
    2012-12-09 10:51 PM
  2. nliszka's Avatar
    Already found out my answer today. Yes refurb comes clean and clear ready to be activated. So says sprint rep after running esn said it was clean.
    2012-12-10 08:03 PM