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    This is my iPad Messaging Concept, possible something that could be put in iOS 7. It took all the aspects of messaging that I found tedious and turned it into something beautiful. It's only a first attempt and more revisions will come later (if I have time, as this one took almost four hours non-stop to make).

    So now for features:

    - At the top a large display image of the contact you are messaging is shown, it will be drawn in from Facebook (their cover photo or profile picture) or if you've set a wide enough image as their contact photo this will be used.

    - Within this display image information about the contact is displayed, such as how many messages have been sent/received, when the last message was received and possibly where the person is (an optional setting?)

    - A search bar is included in this display image to offer searching through up to 500 messages at a time (useful if like me you have certain threads containing thousands of messages), the search will display a loading animation during this time so it doesn't seem like the iPad is lagging.

    - Underneath the display image is a reel of your latest sent/received images with the person you are messaging, this can be useful if you received a message eons ago and want to find it again.

    - The general messaging interface is the same with modernised messaging bubbles and is open to suggestions, I only included these almost "stock" bubbles to compensate for the fact I was at a complete loss with this design choice (wider screen than I'm used to designing for an I couldn't think of a suitable design to accommodate)

    - On the left you see a bar with a contact icon on it, this is where your recent messages list is hidden. It is opened with a simple tap on the icon (has to be on the icon to avoid accidental opening) and a swipe from the bar to a quarter way across the screen, the list will take up two thirds of the screen, leaving the final third for the currently active conversation.

    These all the ideas I have at the moment and they are subject to change, please do not copy this work as I am hoping to have it published/developed at some point (either jailbreak or official if it gains that interest ;D) I appreciate all feedback both negative and positive, especially that of iPad owners!

    Thank you!

    Credits for used work:

    Display image of "Hanna Peterson" - AutumnBeauty11 by kiss-from-the-rose ([link])

    Background image: Mouldy Old Wallpaper by felixgreen ([link])

    I take no credit for these images and they are solely the property of those who published the image.
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