1. MFDOOM44's Avatar
    So I had a handful of Cydia updates but for some reason i wasn't able to update everything all at once because i kept getting an error...so i updated them one by one and it went through fine. But now when i swipe down on from the status bar to activate my notifications, the phone would freeze and i would have to force restart it and it'll be in safe mode until i restart it again.

    I tried reinstalling Activator and SB Settings but I still don't have any luck. I reset all the settings in activator as well and that didn't do anything.

    Does anyone know what the deal is?

    2013-02-11 11:48 AM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    It's always best to upgrade ya tweaks one by one for the reason. Something sounds like its conflicting with a tweak. Trying turning them off one by one and see if you can find the one that's doing it.
    2013-02-11 11:56 AM