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    Hello, I recently tried installing siri from cydia, it restarted my iPad and now it's stuck at the logo of Apple and sometimes blinks. I try to restore my iPad with itunes and it usually gets stuck on "Prepairing iPad for restore" or "Checking restore with Apple". It usually gets stuck with an error of 1601. I disabled my antivirus, different ports, 2 other computers, DFU mode, DFU PWNed mode, and recovery mode. Nothing will help. What should I do?
    2013-02-13 11:53 PM
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    Keep trying. Sometimes persistence is the only thing to fix 16XX errors. They can be a pain. What firmware are you trying to restore to?
    2013-02-13 11:56 PM
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    6.1, Straight from Apple's database, not custom.
    2013-02-13 11:57 PM
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    2013-02-14 12:01 AM
  5. Mickeydels1's Avatar
    Yes sir,
    2013-02-14 12:08 AM
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    If all else fails go to an Apple store they will put a new soft system on for free. I just went through it only because after jailbreaking, I had installed a Harley Davison logo that did not work, uninstalled through Cydia but the logo program left a skull icon in the settings bar that I could not remove. It bothered me to the point I tried to reinstall 6.1.2 but locked up half way through process. They took the unit in the back room and reinstalled the software, had me stay until I entered my Apple ID information then asked if I had any question; only that if I had similar issues in the future, they said just bring it in and they will continue to install the operating system as long as it is only software related issues. I could come back as many times as I'de like with out any charge. I thought that was pretty cool.
    2013-03-18 03:08 AM
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    You try checking for your back up files on your iTunes library if you're recently synced your iPhone to iTunes. However, if you didn't backup your files recently the back up files will only have what you back up in your previous synchronization.
    Backup(s) here: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup ...

    Restore iPad from Backup:

    Has tips on find your backup files.
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    2013-03-26 10:12 AM