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    Sorry if this has been covered and resolved before by someone else.

    I have been searching for weeks and weeks as how to fix this issue on the iphone with verizon multiple times.

    Then the jailbreak came out.
    So I decided to research where simple mobile carrier settings were stored on iPhone. Because I noticed all my previous mxtube videos were still saved over my iCloud back up from my old iPhone 3GS that was on simple mobile.
    So I assumed everything else was too like my simple moble apn settings which were conflicting with my current settings on my verizon phone.

    So ifile to the rescue. Found out where these files were saved and cleaned house..

    In the file location I found boat load of files from 2011 and that mms file was from that year too making it easy to pick which files to delete.. It has been weeks since I deleted all these old files and havnt had a issue sending or receiving any type of mms message from anyone. I don't remember the exact name of all the files I deleted and I'm not 100% sure the mms file I listed below was exactly how mine appeared but I know it was from 2011 and wasn't needed.

    The files were located in

    The file I deleted was
    (Delete at your own risk)

    So good luck if your having issues with mms on verizon and are jailbroken to test this for yourself .. I know I really didn't want to delete my iCloud backup and start over just because I couldn't send mms !!!
    2013-03-04 11:11 PM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar

    The file I deleted was
    (Delete at your own risk)
    Always best bet to save any files or rename them in case you need to re-install them.
    2013-03-04 11:59 PM
  3. Badcopyinc's Avatar
    Yes definitely forgot to throw that in there! I'm almost sure the file I deleted that was created by lei mobile fix had a different name than that. I wish I would have saved it only to list the correct name in here..
    2013-03-05 01:45 AM