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    Yesterday I got a really an annoying problem from one of my favorite Iphone 4 app which is called "Sim Reminder", this is what I remembered : mostly I'll find a lot of reminders which issued by myself by this app which from while to while I'm deleting some, but yesterday I deleted two reminders while my Iphone were in safe mode, and since that time till now I'm still getting these two reminders, it will show up in a dialog box, I deleted all reminders in the app so now I don't have any reminders, but still I'm getting these two reminders, the annoying thing is that every minute these reminders will show up on my screen with an alarm, Please how to kill these reminders without the last solution"Delete the app", I tried many ways but , Please expert people any way to solve this?
    2013-03-20 08:21 AM