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    Ok, so i have no idea how this is happening. I updated a few apps that needed to be done for awhile. I'm still on the last 5.0.2? Ios version. Been wanting to update to ios 6. Whatever the last is but i left my power chord to my laptop at home and bought another for $80 and now waiting on $150 I/O board to come in the mail cause THAT decided to go out on me at the sane time i forgot my power chord. Thats not my reason for here, its the problem you can see in the pics i'm attaching. I can't open or better said it opens and then the screen goes black. Cydia won't do anything but look glitchy. I don't have SBSettings installed on this either. Never saw the point. Love it on the phone tho. Anyway, thats my situation and i do really need to use my ipad since my laptop is unusable at this time :-( please help

    Ok, so i noticed i wasn't the only one with this problem. However, all solutions involve a respring, restore or SBSettings app to find the culprit. Cydia goes glitchy and then goes blank. The settings app goes blank and soft or hard reset does nothing. Is there a way i can SSH into my iPad thru the terminal i have installed on my iPhone?
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