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    Apple today announced 2013 second quarter earnings report, concerned about the number of friends or investors can click here to view related information. Turn expand the "war of words" between Apple executives and analysts conference call after the earnings announcement.They have talked about some beautiful gadgets for iphone show. By convention, the analyst will choose to ask questions on Apple's performance in the past quarter and the next quarter outlook. In the conference call, Apple mentioned a topic should be the majority of iPhone users are very concerned about.

    The question is whether Apple will launch a large-screen iPhone. Apple CEO Tim Cook in the face of the analyst "how to look," the question of a 5-inch smartphone, insisting that Apple is taking the path is correct: I have always insisted that the iPhone 5 clear guard screen protector is the best in the industry. Although there will be some consumers prefer a larger size, but a mobile phone quality, resolution, color, and power consumption would be a compromise.

    Cook made ??it clear that in the course of the meeting: when there is a compromise, Apple would not have to build a larger screen iPhone. Apple's sales and market share are important, but they pay more attention to excellent product to create a world-class and different iphone gadgets from others. In other words, Apple before the level of technology is mature enough not to follow suit launched 5.0-inch or larger iPhone.
    2013-04-25 11:20 AM