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    After installing a Siri port, I tried restarting my phone to get it to work. I just turned it off, then used redsn0w to boot tethered. At first it showed the pineapple for like 10 minutes. But I guess it failed to boot. Now the apple logo just shows for about 5 seconds, screen goes black for half a second, then shows apple logo again for another 5 seconds. This loop has been going on all morning.
    When its plugged in, it gives the charging sound, and Im actually able to go through my pictures from my laptop. Which I find weird. Idk.

    I've done hard resets, more tries at booting tethered, DFU mode backwards (saw it on a forum), more hard resets. Not sure what else I can do.

    I really don't wanna do a factory restore through iTunes, because my internet has gone painfully slow this past week, and it'll just take forever to download firmware for it.

    Any ideas? iTunes restore being my last resort....

    iPhone 4 CDMA\Verizon
    16 gb

    Thank you.
    2013-06-04 03:49 PM