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    I've been using iOs 7 and have noticed a couple cool things I have not seen posted elsewhere. Maybe they were in iOs 6 and I didn't notice them.

    #1: Cool, White, First boot Apple Screen
    New "Hidden" Features in iOs 7-img_1201.png

    #2: SMS/iMessage Time Stamps
    If you slide left across your message screen time stamps will appear if you hold your finger there after you slide it
    New "Hidden" Features in iOs 7-img_1202.png

    #3: Level
    If you slide your finger left while in the compass app an level will appear
    New "Hidden" Features in iOs 7-img_1203.png

    Those are a few features I've noticed, but havent seen and one post. If they were in prior versions of iOs sorry I must not of noticed them. I will update this thread if I find any others.
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    Knew about all but last one pretty cool thank you
    2013-06-27 03:33 AM