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    Not sure if this is a stupid questions or not? I saw that Virgin is going to have an iPhone 5 for pretty cheep. Is it possible to buy the virgin iPhone, unlock it, and then use it with Verizon?
    2013-07-16 04:27 AM
  2. GenesisDH's Avatar
    Short answer: Nope.

    Verizon probably won't activate it for CDMA voice even if you manage to unlock it. You might (possible non-0% chance) get LTE to work on it, but that is a expensive risk to take TBH.

    If you need it for Verizon, just buy it device-only through an Apple Store or through a Verizon store.
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    2013-07-24 06:01 AM
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    when i went for my replacement iphone 4s. warrantee repair. needed to get it back and running on virgin mobile. the phone given to me could run on VERIZON or SPRINT or VIRGIN MOBILE. just had to choose at activation, and might need a simm card for verizon. so check on that simm card situation.

    as further example RADIO SHACK has iphone 5 for $550 for virgin mobile. but tmobile and verizon are selling them for $650 or more. doubt that you can buy a radio shack version and activate on verizon. even if you stated the ECN number is clear. would have to previously have been linked to the verizon system. the must keep a comprehensive database of ECN numbers and will only reactivate if ECN is already in their system.
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    2013-07-27 11:32 AM