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    iOS: 'Trust This Computer' alert

    When you connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a new computer or another device attempting to access the files of your iOS device, you’ll be asked to verify that you trust the connected device. Tapping Trust will allow this device to access files stored on your iOS device.

    If your iOS device is passcode locked, you need to unlock the device before you're asked to trust the connected computer or device.
    From here

    I have read at Apple support and other forums that "trust this computer?" pops up frequently ( just happened to me) and some users are saying no matter how many times they "trust" it comes up everytime they plug into the same device.

    The simple feeling is that you should only have to "Trust" once. This could be annoyance in the least and worse cause problems like non charging per some complaints. Apple states it should only be once as below:

    Note: If you select Trust, the computer will be trusted indefinitely. If you select Don't Trust, you will be asked if you want to trust that computer each time you connect your device to that computer.
    Again like every roll out of an update I have to ask "Was this tested?" Why do we need this prompt anyway?

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