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    I and others HERE have been unable to sync Calendar events with google and they do not show up in the notification center. I turn off most of my notifications but calendar events I need to be reminded rather than a "Sale" or ad is something I feel notifications is good for.

    It's a real drag that Apple took away one of the most useful feature from the calender/ notification screens....

    For whats its worth - I was at the Apple Store last week and was given this web address for submitting feedback to Apple. The Sales Associate said to submit your problem, questions, etc. and they usually get read and submitted furthur by an Apple team. He also said the more folks that submit the same issue the more likely it will get attention... I cant say that its entirley true but its worth a shot.

    Apple - Feedback (then go to 'iPhone')

    I mentioned how calender events weren't showing in my Notifications (mostly 'All Day' events), and how even after software resets, toggeling functions and reinstalling todays iOS 7.0.2 update, nothing worked.... I also spoke with 3 techs at the Apple store and 1 in Austin at Tech Support, all of which couldnt figure it out.

    So please take a few minutes and go to the link and submit your issue.
    I have tried for hours to work around this and fix it no luck
    2013-10-15 03:59 PM