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    Hey guys it's been a while since I've jailbroke my iPhone. Last time I did was with my iPhone 3G. Then there was a lot of headaches. The jailbreak was a little tedious, you couldn't get iOS updates, and generally it limited some of your iPhone functionality. Granted the trade off to Cyida was WELL worth it...

    Okay here's my situation, I'm staying at a vacation house that has cable but no internet for THREE WEEKS. Turning on internet service isn't an option. So to supplement my internet I thought I'd go to Sprint and get one of those personal hotspots. I've heard they're pretty decent fast. However like everything, I've got to get a contract to use it. And I only need it for a month, so signing a 2 year contact sucks.

    I was thinking, maybe I could just turn my phone into a hotspot. Both my wife and I need to use the internet. Not streaming movies, but I do need RDP for work sometimes. Looking for some advice, should I bite the bullet and buy a hotspot? Or if I jailbreak my iPhone, will the hotspot app be powerful enough for 2 medium users on the internet. The downside there is if I jailbreak it and now I can't get updates, or it messes the phone up somehow. There's a part of me that loves to tinker, but for work and life situations I just want it to work, if jailbreaking is going to interfere with that.

    Bottom line I don't know the jailbreaking scene is like these days. Is it worth it to jailbreak my phone for a hotspot that may be underpowered for 2 users? At the same time I'd hate to get locked into a year contract for a personal hotspot with Sprint that I'd use for 3 weeks. Let me know what you think.
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    2013-12-01 08:21 PM
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    There are two options (neither of which require purchasing an external device for your Wi-Fi access point): either purchasing the Hotspot for iPhone add-on from Sprint for a fee (don't know exactly how much it'll cost you nor do I know if they'll let you do it for only one month), or jailbreaking and installing a tweak like TetherMe, PDANet, or MyWi which will do the same thing, just in a slightly less... Sprint-approved way.

    Jailbreaking itself, if you're intelligent and don't install unstable packages from unsavory sources, has very little risk of harming your device, and an even smaller chance of harming your device in a way that can't be fixed with a restore. However, I do have to warn you: unless you're traveling to an area where Sprint has LTE coverage (which are few and far between from what I've heard), you'll be stuck on their slow (1.5Mbit/s if you're lucky) EV-DO network. That should be enough to maintain an RDP connection if you don't mind the latency, but probably won't be great for much else.
    2013-12-01 10:39 PM
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    Well jail breaking is totally not worth it. I mean you will clearly miss out all the genuine Apple stuff plus there is a risk of turning your i phone into an i brick. So i think you should go ahead with the hotspot option and i assure you, if the speed is fairly good, you won't be facing any issues with sharing.
    2013-12-05 07:56 AM