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    I just got a iPhone5s for Christmas on Boost Mobile's service. I was able to add all of my contacts to my new iPhone5s except 1 contact refuses to submit. I added her to my contact's but when I send her a text message it shows her number instead of her name in the message box, and sending/receiving box. I have photos below demonstrating this issue. My friend is using a MyTouch Android by SimpleMobile.

    2013-12-29 05:52 AM
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    I was able to get in touch with Apple and the guy who helped me said it was something in the Cache settings that caused this issue, because the Cache was acting like it was saving the number instead of the name so it messed it all up for this 1 single contact. So I just erased all the settings on the phone and set it up as a new device and imported all my old contacts via Outlook and re-added this number and that name and number added correctly and my phone is working great! I am able to text my friend fine.
    2014-01-06 01:02 AM