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    I have ipad air and am considering changing it for ipad air + cellular. Does it work like the iPhone sim in that you only pay once and only top up when MB is getting low? It's just I have pay and go on my iPhone and only pay 10 a couple of times a year and top up when it gets low. It's really so that I have internet access when I'm out and about , it's not for everyday use as I have internet at home so a SIMM would last me ages. I was just wondering if it would be worth the extra money, thanks
    2014-01-03 05:34 PM
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    Same way basically. But depends on operator (isp) that what they charge. Just you cant call nor send sms.

    In plus side you get gps service on the road and can use it without normal wifi.

    Edit: Sure worth the extra money.
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    2014-01-04 03:45 AM