1. eballesq's Avatar
    There's FlipControlCenter, CCControls, CCSettings, CCToggles -- and probably a few others I haven't noticed. Before I go installing everything to try all of them out, are there folks who have found one or the other works particularly well (or not as well)? I have FlipControlCenter installed currently, and while it seems to be stable I'm disappointed in the relatively few number of toggles and would like to see something like "kill background" as well as a reboot and power down toggle.

    Anyway, curious as to what others think. I'm on a 5s w/ 7.0.4, by the way.
    2014-01-13 11:07 PM
  2. boozie's Avatar
    I'm currently using FlipControlCenter too. I also tried CCSettings. CCSettings has a few more toggles than FlipControlCenter, but i didn't like the fact that I had to respring to make any changes. FlipControlCenter's changes are immediate. Right now i'm using FlipControlCenter with CCLoader and FlipLaunch. I have added CCPInfo and Share Widget for Control Center to CCLoader. To me, the "CC" names are also starting to get a little confusing. Seems like every day a new "CCSomething" pops up and I don't know if it's for CCSettings, CCControls, CCSettings, CCToggles, CCLoader etc... Hope this helps
    2014-01-14 09:05 PM
  3. taliezin's Avatar
    I use CCToggles with CCTask. There are more toggles in CCtoggles than in FlipControlCenter and it lets you add apps and activator toggles. Perfect. CCTask lets you add a page with multitasked apps and a killswitch.

    The one tweak I am closely following is CCLoader. When installed with SBSettings. You can add the SBSettings to your CC. Just like it did before in NC. You can modify the theme of the toggles in the NCsettings in the SBSettings menu.
    I am astonished that no one seems to know about the option to add sbsettings to CC. And everyone talks about no sbsettings compatibility in iOS7. I'm on iOS 7.04 on iPhone 4s and SBSettings just works fine. No problems whatsoever.
    2014-01-24 11:19 AM