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    "In store only. Verizon Wireless or Sprint iPhone 5s 16GB: $699.99 - $500 Instant Savings = $199.99 - $100 Additional Savings = $99.99 + Tax - $100 trade-in gift card = $1 iPhone 5s 16GB with 2-year agreement on Verizon Wireless or Sprint and use of trade-in gift card. Taxes and any applicable surcharges due at time of purchase and taxes are applied to price of phone prior to the gift card credit. Must use gift card toward the purchase of your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c with activation"

    I didn't see that you had to be eligible for an upgrade. Sounds too good to be true. Anyone?

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    2014-06-20 11:08 PM
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    With 2 year agreement are the keywords. That means signing a new contract. Only two ways to do that:

    1. Add a new line to an existing plan or start a new plan.
    2. Use your upgrade if you are eligible. When you use the upgrade, you are essentially signing a new two year agreement.

    It's how they get people to take the bait. As we all know, when iphone 6 drops, they will take trade ins on the 5s to decrease the price. They are essentially getting the 5s back in six months. Then they turn around and sell it as refurbished. They are getting their money back and then some.

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    2014-06-22 04:33 AM