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    Legislators are working to change a law preventing some from taking their cellphone to another provider.

    Itís considered illegal to unlock a phone tied to a wireless carrier, such as Verizon, and take business to another carrier. A bipartisan bill moving through Congress would lift the ban on using a cellphone with another carrier.

    The measure would create an exemption for cellphone unlocking under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A similar bill was introduced and passed in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Wireless Exchange owner Miles Starkey said the move would mean more options for consumers.

    ďIf you buy a phone from AT&T and you canít unlock it, then youíre stuck with AT&T and if you donít like that service, or you have a bad service in your little town outside of Des Moines, you can switch to these other carriers and have other options,Ē Starkey said.

    Those who support the bill said consumers are often blindsided with spotty reception after theyíve been locked into a contract.

    ďI think that would be very helpful to have that option to stay with something that youíre comfortable with but find that service that works best for you,Ē said Libby Lundgren of Des Moines.

    U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa is co-sponsoring the cellphone unlocking bill. He said Wednesday that the bill is pro-consumer and pro-competition.

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    2014-07-17 04:46 PM
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    Thing is AT&T already unlocks ur phone on request. You have to have the 2year contract up. Or pay the buy out on the contract. Not sure on other carriers. But if same this is a waste of time
    2014-07-23 03:35 PM