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    iPad Air 2 vs. iPad Mini 3: Choosing Between Convenience and Performance

    The Apple iPad is available in several different sizes and versions. Two of the latest iPads are the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3. Depending on a buyer's preferences they might choose one of the other.

    Let's take a look at some of the similiarities and differences between the two tablets, according to MacWorld.

    The first obvious difference is size and weight. The iPad Mini 3 is very portable, weighing only 331g. It has measurements of 200mm by 134.7mm and is 7.5mm thick. The iPad Mini 3 can be easily placed in a small bag for transport.

    The iPad Air 2 is the bigger device, weighing 437g. It has measurements of 240mm by 169.5mm, but it is somehow thinner than the Mini 3 at 6.1mm. The Air 2 will not be as portable as the Mini 3, but it can be placed in a bigger bag or backpack to be carried around town.

    The iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 have very similar screens displaying a resolution of 2048x1536 on Retina screens. However, since the Mini 3's screen is smaller, it has a better pixels per inch rating (ppi) of 326ppi compared to the Air 2's 264ppi. The bigger screen on the Air 2 will be better for watching movies and playing games, but the Mini 3 actually is pleasant for viewing. Users who have watched video content on their iPhones will not be disappointed watching videos on the Mini 3. The Mini 3 has a 7.9 inch screen while the Air 2 has the much larger 9.7 inch display.

    The iPad Mini 3 failed to upgrade its processor from the iPad Mini 2, keeping the older A7 processor and M7 coprocessor.

    The iPad Air 2 upgraded to the super-powerful A8X processor and M8 coprocessor and also added a barometer as an on-board sensor.

    The A7 is a powerful processor but users of the Air 2 will really enjoy the speed and multi-tasking capabilities of the A8X.

    Both tablets will come equipped with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. This will allow users to unlock the devices with their fingerprint rather than typing in a password.

    The camera in the iPad Air 2 is 8 megapixels (MP), while the iPad Mini 3 only offers a 5 MP camera. However, due to its size, taking pictures on the Air 2 could be a little awkward. Picture taking with the iPad Mini 3 will feel more natural.

    The price difference between the two is the big difference. The more powerful iPad Air 2 also offers a larger screen, but buyers will pay for that luxury. The entry-level 16 GB model starts at $499.99. Add $100 for the 64 GB model and add $200 for the 128 GB model. If portability and price is what a buyer is looking for, the iPad Mini 3 is smaller and cheaper than the Air 2. The entry-level 16 GB model starts at just $349.99*. The 128 GB model is currently on sale for $499.99 (normally $599.99).
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    I went through pretty much the same questions you are asking except I threw in the new Macbook (and is it so nice and slim) as a possible choice. I considered the Mini 2 because it's exactly the same as the Mini 3 except for Touch ID but cheaper. I love Touch ID. After reading (oh so) many reviews, articles, and comments I went to the store and held the iPad Air and the Mini 3. I ruled out the new Macbook because of the lower specs and higher price. I've had an iPad (1), an iPad 2 and an iPad 3. On my iPad 3 I also added a Clamcase Pro keyboard case and was that setup H-E-A-V-Y!!! I got so tired of it. The screen res on all of the retina iPads (even the first gen retina iPad 3) is wonderful.
    Ok so I opted for the iPad Mini 3. I really wanted a Wifi + Cellular model because of AGPS (an iPad makes a wonderful large screen GPS unit) but ended up with a Wifi only. Target had them on sale and gave you a $50.00 giftcard plus I used my Target RedCard and got another 5% off. Ended up saving almost $75.00. The smaller screen size difference doesn't hinder watching any type of video IMHO. If I want to watch on a larger screen, I can use my computer or large screen TV.
    I can't tell you how convenient the Mini is and so light too. It is just so much easier grabbing it one-handed and passing it to a friend to look at something. Even resting on your lap or in your hand reading is so much better than a larger iPad. I did get a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio case for it and even that is super thin and light. I really like it and the battery life for the keyboard case is excellent.

    So beanz alfred, have you made a decision yet? By the way, that's a great price on the 128GB model. I only got 64GB.

    Good luck!
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    i currently using the ipad mini first generation and i want some upgrades however i only have a budget for getting an ipad air 2 with 16gb or ipad air with 32gb which is still cheaper which one should i buy, any suggestion ? thanks
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