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    Reports have stated that Apple is going to be abandoning the cycle where the iPhone sees a major refresh every second year and moving to a three year refresh cycle for the handset, said Japanese newspaper Nikkei.

    "The move is largely due to smartphone functions having little room left for major enhancements,"

    Nikkei, the newspaper company had learned from sources that Apple will take the three year route refresh cycle between full-model changes of the iPhone, a year longer than the current cycle which is 2 years.

    The iPhone 7's changes are rumored to include improvements on the camera quality including changes of the protruding camera design, water resistance and a larger battery capacity. The design is believed to be very similar to the iPhone 6/6S according to reports.

    The iPhone 7 will be announced this fall along with iOS 10 public release.

    The 2017 10th anniversary iPhone model is said to make a major switch from the existing LCD IPS display to AMOLED displays offering a crisper colour to the screen with higher contrasts, deeper blacks and decreased power consumption.

    [via Nikkei]
    2016-06-01 12:33 PM
  2. holyshnikes's Avatar
    Hows that going to work with their upgrade an iPhone every year plan they are selling?
    2016-06-02 03:31 AM
  3. NewD's Avatar
    It basically royally screws the Carriers and their plans. Soooo Apple!
    2016-06-02 06:58 AM
  4. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
    Iím pretty sure theyíre not going 3 years between phones, but between major updates. So rather than 7, 7s, 8 itíll go 7, 7s, 7se, 8.

    Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!
    2016-06-02 09:00 AM
  5. kalpesh78's Avatar
    Better sense prevails. All phone companies should go on a 3 year refresh cycle.
    2016-06-02 11:28 AM
  6. Bo's Avatar
    I would hate it if that would happen.
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    2016-06-02 08:32 PM
  7. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Well a phone for most millennials is old after a year. This would drive them nuts! Myself included.
    2016-06-03 09:56 PM
  8. timcki's Avatar
    data storage, wireless charging, six years later you can get standard usb connectivity......
    2016-06-05 01:07 AM
  9. law111's Avatar
    Behold, the knew AppleGame, enjoy playing, you ***ks.
    2016-06-07 05:22 AM
  10. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Behold, the knew AppleGame, enjoy playing, you ***ks.
    Thanks for the info
    2016-06-07 06:49 AM