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  1. NewD's Avatar
    I have been spending time looking for more general input on this from other forums and sources and haven't been able to find a groundswell of info - at least not yet. But I have pockets of anecdotal evidence for it. Are any of you experiencing, as with the iPhone 4 scandal, a difference in signal strength read out level on your iPhone 7/7Plus? I am.

    The last few weeks since I got my 7Plus I've been carrying it around along with my iPhone 6. And the iPhone 6 is consistently 1 to 2 dots stronger in signal strength in the exact same location as my iPhone 7+ shows me.

    Are any of the rest of you experiencing this with your 7/7Plus? Or is it an iOS 10 thing? My 6 is still on 9.3.3.
    2016-10-09 07:02 PM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Yup, I've noticed that also even though when I set up my 7 PLUS for 10.0.2 I had a carrier update I was hoping that may cure it. I haven't experienced any dropped calls or anything, just less signal strength.
    My 6 Plus has 3 dots at home and my 7 Plus has 2 dots. I live in the mountains above the Phoenix area and that's where I see the difference. At my office/shop I have a tower by me and get 5 dots there. Odd.
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    2016-10-09 07:22 PM