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    My iPhone 7 has, over the past few days, started lagging and freezing up. The first thing I noticed was that things were slow and gumming up, with a few agonizing seconds of lag for the keyboard to come up, when trying to scroll, when switching apps.

    This quickly progressed to the point where calls couldn't be sent or received because the lag was so long that when you pressed on a number to dial, it would be 15-20 seconds before the call screen would show up, and there was no sound (phone, speaker or Bluetooth to my car). Text messages still went through, though.
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    Closing all apps gave no improvement in performance.

    Hard reset did nothing. Multiple times.

    30% of Hard Disk space still available. No recent app changes I am aware of. Resetting network settings did nothing. Resetting all settings did not help. Completely wiping phone and reinstalling from backup seemed to improve things for about 24h but I didn't attempt any calls during that period, so hard to tell if it helped.

    Currently, once I am typing in an app, it seems to be okay. As soon as I hit enter or try to scroll, it's gummed up and slow. Still cannot make calls. All apps appear to be equally slow.

    Any ideas?
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    This happens when the device is updated. However try following solutions

    1.clearing the RAM
    2.hard reset
    2018-12-04 09:24 AM

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