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    iPad and iPad 2 case review thread.

    Attach a picture of your iPad or iPad 2 case here so the image stays for others to look at down the road. PLEASE specify which it fits.

    Links and pic url's tend to go dead so ATTACH the image so we can build a database of reviews of your iPad case.

    Feel free to tell a little about how it fits or wears. Strong or weak points.

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    2011-05-12 02:06 AM
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    This is an EXTREMELY durable iPad case. With it's three layers of protection, you iPad is always safe! It magnetically closes to keep you device secure. This case is meant for the Apple iPad 2, but I am using it with my Apple iPad 1 with absolutely NO issues This case will set you back $40, but it's well worth it! It looks great to.


    Reviews: Post YOUR iPad case with photo-100_2484.jpgReviews: Post YOUR iPad case with photo-100_2483.jpg
    iPhone 4S | MacBook Air
    2011-08-28 07:18 PM
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    2011-09-16 04:00 AM
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    2011-11-15 02:42 PM
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    I have a gumdrop case coming today. I'll tag this topic so I remember to post the pics.
    2011-11-17 04:03 PM
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    Griffin Survivor - Survivor military-duty case for iPad 2 & iPad 3 - Griffin Technology
    This case is hands down one of the best cases I've purchased for iPad
    It fits the iPad 2 AND the New iPad
    It is however, a little pricey, setting you back $79.99
    But I must say the quality does meet the price
    It consists of 2 shells, and hard plastic shell inside and soft rubber shell outside
    Here are a couple pros and cons that I've gathered but I must say, it's not exactly complete as there are definitely wonders I have yet to find out myself
    The plastic shell of the case is very sturdy while the rubber case is very soft. This does protect the case very will
    It comes with a plastic stand that's very useful and takes up very little place when standing
    It makes the grip on the iPad very comfortable to hold and also easy, therefore, worries about the iPad sliiping out of your hand are pretty much out of the question
    There are 5 different colours/designs of the case and each of them looks very good according to your taste
    The case itself protects every single port on the iPad while allowing easy access to each of those ports
    The hard shell of the case has an integrated screen protector and any needs for cutouts(eg the front camera) is also guarded by a clear plastic shield. The camera is protected by the rubber shell, easily opened up to gain access to the lens
    The speaker of the iPad plays very nicely thanks to the cutout of the speaker grills, blocking very little to no sound at all
    That's all I can remember at the moment but there are bound to be more pros

    The case does seem to add a bit of bulk to the iPad(my iPad 3 anyways), it adds a bit of size, making the iPad look thicker and also does add some weight, due to the rubber shell
    The integrated screen guard doesn't give an option to remove it(in case you were going to go after a matte screen protector like me)
    Taking it off is a pain(not that you would have many reasons to change the case, unless you change the sim frequently on 4G models)

    Overall I must say that the case is great and well refined product. It definitely meets the standard of protection that it promotes (:
    If I helped don't fear to press the Thanks button (:
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    2012-05-18 01:38 AM
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    It is my case.
    Reviews: Post YOUR iPad case with photo-ipad-case_conew1.jpg
    2012-05-28 09:55 AM
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    Hey guys, this is my New iPad case I brought recently - Aircase from Lookbad.
    which is costed 120 USD. It is a bit pricey too but it works well with their extendable wall mount. Overall, it is made of high quality material, strong yet light and easy to move in any positions.
    I am planning to buy a white one more to install in living room...
    Reviews: Post YOUR iPad case with photo-img_6157.jpgReviews: Post YOUR iPad case with photo-img_6167.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Reviews: Post YOUR iPad case with photo-img_6123.jpg  
    2012-05-31 10:47 AM
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    Here is my iPad 3 with the Crux Case. (If you are interested in the case, talk to me)

    The Keyboard
    Reviews: Post YOUR iPad case with photo-photo-8-17-12-4.10-pm-2.jpg

    Open in "Laptop Mode"
    Reviews: Post YOUR iPad case with photo-photo-8-17-12-4.10-pm.jpg

    The Back
    Reviews: Post YOUR iPad case with photo-photo-8-17-12-4.10-pm-3.jpg

    Reviews: Post YOUR iPad case with photo-photo-8-17-12-4.10-pm-4.jpg
    2012-08-17 09:14 PM
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    How do you like the crux case? I'm in the market for a case with a keyboard and trying to find out what's good.
    2012-08-24 10:14 PM
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    How do you like the crux case? I'm in the market for a case with a keyboard and trying to find out what's good.
    It is good for basic typing need and with cydia tweaks you can increase its functionality with your iPad a lot however, it is made of plastic and I had a problem with it at first so i got a new one for free. Good cutover service as well
    2012-08-24 11:08 PM
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    I use the 12 south case and love it ... very well made and nice leather ;-)
    2013-04-05 06:24 AM