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    Ok I downloaded Zinio to check it out. I like it BUT it definitely has its problems. Its buggy right now and I can live with some of the bugs such as the rendering and such but this is one problem that upsets me the most.

    If you want to delete a publication or magazine from your library under the title tab good luck! Well they say you can delete it in which you can but this is what happens when you do. First of all you have to download the publication or magazine..... you will see when you are because you will see a blue bar go across the bottom of the graphic for it or if you are in it, it will say how much it is completed... Once you have did this and you don't like it good luck!

    Go to your library at the bottom and then at the top go to the title tab. Tap and hold down on the publication or magazine you want to delete. You will then see a white X on the right upper hand of the publication or magazine. Tap it and it will be removed...

    HOWEVER this is the part that I am upset about.... you can not remove the graphic to the publication or magazine!

    I even downloaded the program for Mac's and installed it to try to remove it out of my account and I could delete it and put it in the trash but I could not remove it out of my account. There is no where to completely remove the graphic to a publication or magazine out of this app for the iPad or the Mac so be careful trying things out because you might be stuck as I am and others graphics to magazines you don't want in this app!

    From what I have read I guess they are working on this but for now this is how it goes...

    EDIT: I emailed Zinio and they removed them off from my account and also talked with them, they were very nice and were glad to help me out! They stated that many iPad owners have complained about this matter and they are working on a software update so iPad owners can remove what they want to and also they are working on the rendering issue as well....
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