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    We recently spoke with our buddies over at Inert Soap and got the inside scoop on their newly-released game "Befuddled HD", for the iPad. Needless to say, they've been working diligently on this instant-classic.
    They were even generous enough to give us 3 free codes to download the app completely free, which we'll be giving away in a contest. (But more about that later in the article)

    Here's a brief synopsis of the game directly from Tom Ricket himself, for those of you unfamiliar with the game:

    * An 8x8 grid of wooden letters; as you spell words with adjacent letters, new tiles fall in from the top.
    * Longer words and uncommon letters are worth more points.
    * There is no timer. No pressure = more fun.
    * After spelling enough words, you move on to the next level.
    * Additional material types (marble, jade, etc.) start to mix in with the wood, adding a whole new element to the gameplay; You can only spell words using a single tile type.
    * Various special abilities (bombs, board scramblers, etc.) to help in tough situations.
    * Both single-player high score boards, and online boards and achievements via OpenFeint.

    Alphabet Soup (Click for Full-View)

    We didn't think the original Befuddled could get any better, but the folks at Inert Soap somehow manage to do just that.
    Tom filled us in on the ingredients they used to make the already-awesome App, even more awesome:

    Improved Layout:
    The Special Abilities are now actively placed on-screen. The game also rotates to face any orientation on the screen that you'd like.
    (An important feature that has been overlooked by a lot of other iPad Apps)

    Variable Board Sizes:
    Anything from a 6x6 grid, up through a 16x16 grid.

    Multiple Game Types:
    - Kid Friendly (a 6x6 board, and the letters don't have to be adjacent)
    - Alphabet Soup (instead of advancing levels by score, you advance every time you manage to use every letter of the alphabet)
    - Infinite Board (you can wrap words off the sides of the board, and when you go up levels, more tiles just fall in, rather than the whole board being replaced)
    - And more.

    Best of all, you can buy the whole pack of game types, which include their own respective leaderboards and achievements via OpenFeint, for just an extra $1. That's a good deal when compared to some of the rip-offs that exist in the App Store.

    Multiple Active Games:
    "There is now a 'Swap Menu.' You touch a button and see your current saved games. You can start a new game directly from that menu, and name each game if you want." reports Tom.

    If you own an iPad, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn't head on over to the App Store right now and pick up Befuddled HD. It's a must-have, instant-classic, that the entire family (and your brain) can enjoy, and we love it.
    Trust us, you'll be addicted the moment you tap out your first word.

    And to celebrate the release of this awesome app, we're giving away not one, but three codes to download this app completely free.
    All you have to do be entered to win one of these codes is do BOTH of the following:
    1) Follow us on Twitter
    2) Retweet this message

    The 3 winners will be selected this Sunday (5/16/10) night; and announced both here and on Twitter. Winners will be DMed the code via-Twitter.
    Note: You must be following us, or we can't message you the code. This app is for the iPad, not the iPod or iPhone.
    2010-05-15 12:22 AM
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    Is the game in the iTunes store? If so please post a link to the store app also.
    2010-05-15 03:43 AM
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    Is the game in the iTunes store? If so please post a link to the store app also.
    My apologies, I can't believe I forgot that:

    2010-05-15 04:14 AM
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    NP, thank you.
    2010-05-15 04:21 AM
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    I wish more people would post their scores to this awesome games online. So far only 16 people have posted their scores with open feint or whatever it's called via the game. I have the highest score of about 78,000 points on hard. Would love to see some real competition as the next closest person is 30k points behind me!

    Actually, I'm lying. I'm working on a hard game that I'm going to have at least 150,000 points. My official record is 78k or so though. Look for me: Matthew110607
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    2010-05-18 11:20 PM