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    Looking to make a video editing app for the iPad, (using ipad 64gb wifi), but having a few problems with xcode and have a few questions. If completed successfully, (by successfully, I mean made to the best of possible ability so that it will be a seemless type flow from camera into editing app etc.). The app will be free to anyone with positive and useful input and $20.00 in the itunes store. If anyone would be willing to help it would be much appreciated

    Question 1. Using the editing capabilities of the iphone 3gs software, I would also like to integrate the ability to cut out sound or add as well as add filters and the like. Does anyone know if this can be enabled to be integrated natively?

    Question 2. If so, would the camera dongles with the USB interface be able to be modded somehow or would new ones have to be made to accept firewire 800 and handle camera log and capture from a production type camera, (canon xh-a1 and above)?

    Question 3. If the camera log and capture for a production type camera wouldn't work because of too big of files and memory usage, would there be a way to wirelessly send or capture filmed video from the iPhone 3gs or new iphone HD? (perhaps through the bluetooth peripheral like camera-a+b do.)

    Thanks for any input!

    (Also have another idea for iPad app for the medical field if anyone is interested in that let me know.)
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    2010-05-24 10:38 PM
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    I don't have anything for Question 1, but for #2 the answer is no. They are strictly USB only and do have some sort of bandwidth restraint due to their internal circuitry. Apple did not want it to be a completely functional USB port, but to only work with simple devices. As for #3, yes, bluetooth would work. Also, the iPhone could send data to the iPad faster over a WiFi network.

    Hope this helps It's about time iPad had a video editing app!
    2010-05-24 11:23 PM