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    Just like the title says. Just wondering like on my iphone and on my ipad since i am in Italy for a few months is there any way to make the iphone or my ipad spoof the app to think its in the U.S? Kinda like you can do with like browsing but with apps themselves?

    For example: ABC player for ipad only works in the U.S
    Also Hulu and Pandora?

    I have been searching and maybe i am not using the correct wording when i search but i am unable to find anything. If anybody knows a way or can help. Thanks in advance.

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    2010-07-09 09:09 PM
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    2010-07-13 05:15 PM
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    something similar to a VPN is needed; havent found the solution yet...
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    2010-07-14 06:56 AM
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    soln yet? I am guessing you typed that with your iphone cuz i dont know what it means..lol Thanks for editing the post above ^^^
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    I live in Brazil and use a VPN to be able to watch ABC Player, Hulu, Netflix and listen to Pandora....works like a charm.
    2010-07-19 05:32 PM
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    VPN works "OK", I had the same problem when I was overseas
    2010-07-19 08:01 PM
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    @marcellonetto just wondering what VPN service you use? I just setup an account with HIDEIPVPN and it works great with Hulu and ABC Player have not tried anything else..but its 5.99 a month do you use a free one or do you pay to use a VPN server?

    Oh and thanks alot this is def what i was looking for i saw VPN in network settings before but i had no clue what it was. Now i do thanks!!
    2010-07-19 08:12 PM