1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
    I'm on the verge of buying an iPad, but I need a good note-taking app. Here are my requirements:

    • It must support making bulleted and numbered lists, preferably multiple "layers"
    • Syncs with desktop client (iPhone is nice too)
    • Some sort of "folder" or "notebook" system to organize them

    Evernote is perfect and I have used it for about half a year, but it doesn't even let you edit notes containing bulleted or numbered lists, let alone create them on the mobile apps. Any note make on the desktop client containing a list, checkbox, or table cannot even be edited on the mobile clients. I was looking into CourseNotes but it doesnt look like there is a desktop client. Simplenote doesn't do lists either. Oddly enough, the stock Notes app allows you to edit and add to any lists if they are already in the note (it even numbers them correctly), but it won't let you start a list. Essentially, I need a good app for outlining that will keep my notes everywhere as well.

    2010-09-05 09:58 PM
  2. Jay Marcase's Avatar
    Apple Pages.
    2010-09-06 08:52 PM