1. Dave113's Avatar
    I am looking for an iPad app which will allow me to place my icons into folders similar to categories. I am currently using categories running with full force but it doesn't work very well with full force. Any suggestions??
    2010-09-15 04:59 AM
  2. Kcentric's Avatar
    BigBoss also has a paid upgrade to Categories in Cydia which is called CategoriesSB. It makes categories work full screen in both orientations. It solves the problems that Full Force fails to solve for the app. It worked well for me and allowed me to keep the folders and hidden icons that I had already set-up.
    2010-09-16 05:23 AM
  3. mortopher's Avatar
    Or you can get your iPad UDID registered on an iOS dev account and you can upgrade it to iOS 4.2 and have native folders in it that hold up to 20 apps. PM if interested.
    2010-09-16 05:34 AM