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    Infinote Pinboard has been out since the iPad launch, but I've never posted about it here.

    Infinote gives you multiple noteboards of any size you want to lay your notes out visually. It's designed to be perfect for the organic, visual thinker.

    I've been updating it consistently since launch with user-requested features. The latest version (released yesterday) has these reviews already:

    "Does what it says it will do efficiently and correctly. This is one of my most used app." Zipper273

    "This is the only pinboard app I've been able to consistently use without tiny annoyances getting in my way. Fluid, natural, awesome." Tom Hagopian

    "I liked the first incarnation that I downloaded, but the developers keep on adding new features and making this app much more user friendly Great for visual organizers." MarkBurge

    "It's easy and it's colorful and it's fun! I have a ton of apps that I tried for all my absentminded purposes, and this is the only one I use." kevhere

    " must have app for people addicted to ideas. It helps store and organize your ideas in a very simple and visually easy way." Dmitriy Bereza

    For the first since Infinote's launch, the price is going on sale for only 99c. Don't miss out because this is a two day only sale for the holidays.

    You can find Infinote here

    PS. It may take a little while for the price change to appear!
    2010-12-21 09:35 PM