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    iPad game Syndicate! HD by Game Insight, LLC (a business simulator) review

    Description from itunes

    The Syndicate! HD:

    - Top 25 game in the US
    - Top 4 game in the Russia
    - Top 10 game in over 18 countries
    - Top 1 simulation game in over 20 countries


    On December 22nd, a business simulator Syndicate HD has appeared in AppStore catalogue and it is available for all owners of Apple iPad absolutely free of charge. Usually I don't pay much attention to free games, however simulators are interesting to me and it is twice interesting to play, if we are talking about business simulators!

    As I have already said, Syndicate HD is a business simulator game. Your primary goal is to show your strategic skills, developing the company almost from point zero.
    At game start, you will be greeted by cute Cindy, the girl for whom money is the most important thing. She will show you the main game points and will disappear at once, throwing you to the rivals. Business with no rivals is boring and developers of Syndicate HD know that, so you can see some players owning companies similar to yours.
    And thatís a competition, pardon me! Would you like to add these players as your friends? Try it, itís very simple. So we got a sort of sociality.
    Except all that, you are able to communicate with your ďfriendsĒ using the wall, to hire them as employees, to create a financial pyramid and much much more.

    Along with the sociality, Syndicate HD is an application with beautiful graphics, not boring plot and with some special thrill in it.
    So, as we start playing, we work in a kind of a trailer, however already at level 19 which I by the way have reached within 2 days, we receive the whole one-storied cottage with office locations.
    Further it is even more interesting! I have counted more than 2 tens of buildings available for each player!
    We open new locations, hire various employees, including security guards, system administrators and even personal secretary who will bring to you favorite coffee at any time.

    Developers have knuckled down the user aspects. So, high-grade FAQ is available in the game, having read it familiarizes you with all delights of Syndicate HD.

    Features of Syndicate HD:

    - A fascinating plot: development of your company lies on your shoulders! The secretary is necessary? Employ the secretary! Worrying about the safety? Well, hire security guard.
    - The simple and friendly interface: Cindy will teach you everything.
    - The colorful graphics accompanied by light background music: more than 2 tens of buildings, variety of working rooms: kitchen, an office of the director, a workshop and much more.
    - Possibility to play together with your friends: help friends, create the financial pyramid, share your game experience with beginners, communicate directly in game and many other things!
    - Free game.
    - An excellent simulator which will show you all delights and complexities of the business industry.

    Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

    Languages: English, Russian
    Seller: Game Insight LLC
    © 2010 Game Insight, LLC

    Link to appstore:

    iPad game Syndicate! HD by Game Insight, LLC (a business simulator) review
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