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    We are glad to present you My Kingdom for the Princess 2, our new game for iPad!


    The storyline is even more quirky and entertaining than the first part. The adventures of Arthur and Princess Helen continue from the moment the lovebirds are enjoying their tropical honeymoon. All of a sudden adversity strikes once again. Players help Arthur clear the land, defend against invaders, and work with magical beings, like flying cats and witches, as he chases after Longbeard the Dwarf, who has kidnapped Princess Helen.

    My Kingdom for the Princess 2 has 60 levels on five different islands, each of the five locations consist of ten regular levels, greatly varying landscapes and tasks, as well as two mini-games. It will take the player more than seven hours to finish the game, and this estimation does not include replaying levels.

    Key features

    -Various awards to obtain
    -Well-drawn graphics
    -Different landscapes
    -Unusual power-ups
    -Easy to progress for beginners, highly challenging to master
    -Long playtime
    -Interesting mini-games
    -Strategic thinking required


    Video Trailer (better watch in HD)

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    looks interesting
    2011-02-01 01:28 AM