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    If there are any naruto manga readers like me out there , and you own an iPad then no doubt about it you have or wondered how to enjoy the world created by MASASHI KISHIMOTO. Well here my configuration just in case.

    For episodes I have my monthly subscription to crunchy roll. Reason being is that is always on time. I used to just use skyfire but noticed that it lagged and skipped scenes. So crunchy roll is by far the best so far.

    Now for manga , I searched and usually just used the regular browser , but that gets tediousnat times due to l lading and reception issues.
    An app by vietmobile solves that issue. It's called "Manga Browser , downloader and reader" (long name I know) but it's cool because it downloads the manga for later viewing. Check those out as IMHO (that sounds kinky) they are the best solution for naruto on the iPad.
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    2011-03-13 10:21 PM