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  1. sammo123's Avatar
    Do you guys use Its a really nice site that hosts up to a few apps a day that they make free for a day. Its really nice if you love trying out and exploring new apps but are short on money. I have found some pretty nice apps recently including TowerMadness HD, Lane Splitter, and Overkill. What is your input on this site?
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    2011-03-21 10:59 PM
  2. kadernal's Avatar
    haha I got all if those thanks to FAAD. Ive have been glued to towermadness HD since I got it. game is craazy. lane splitter is fun too but I haven't tried overkill.

    someone randomly just gave me a $25 itunes card and I am now pretty pumped to get some paid apps, but cant quite decide what I want.
    2011-03-22 01:39 AM
  3. krosis's Avatar
    I like the site. I've got a good number of apps for free from there, and even if you only check it every few days, all but the most popular apps stay free for several days to a week. (Remember to check the daily doubles too).

    I've heard a couple of negative things about them from people about how they work their deals with developers, and the cost to just get your app listed being a problem for some. I guess I'd rather "the more the merrier", and I think it would make the site more attractive if they allowed more apps to be listed, but I sure don't blame them for wanting to make a buck.
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    2011-03-22 05:52 AM
  4. sammo123's Avatar
    The developer of Overkill really needs to go back and fix it, the controls are off and the gui doesnt match where you must touch to complete each action...oh well it was free
    RIP Steve Jobs.. You changed the world
    2011-03-22 01:28 PM