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    Get ready for some action!! Attack Buster is a new entry under action games genre.

    Your life is under threat, plan out on something to save your life from terrorist attack. Being the lone survivor, its up to you to escape the attack and manage to stay alive as long as possible. Attack Buster is a game with loads of challenge and action. Plan each step in order to survive.

    Attcak Buster HD Plus

    2011-05-23 01:08 PM
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    Your life is under threat, you being the lone survivor have to escape the terrorist attack in order to save your life. Your ultimate aim is to survive as long as possible. Think, plan and proceed, one wrong step can cost your life. Download Attack Buster HD to take up the challenge. Attack Buster HD is a perfect remedy for boredom.

    Attack Buster HD

    2011-06-01 11:21 AM
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    Attack Buster HD Plus is now features in Top 100 games under Action and Arcade category. Download the full version for free and enjoy playing this unlimited game.

    Attack Buster HD Plus
    2011-06-01 02:14 PM
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    Attack Buster HD Plus has been ranked 60 in Arcade and 64 in Action Action categories (Free Apps). Download the full version, the offer is limited only for few more days.

    Attack Buster HD Plus
    2011-06-02 10:18 AM
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    Attack Buster HD Plus becomes a blast to play with its appealing graphics and game play. Download Attack Buster HD Plus now for a fun time.

    Attack Buster HD Plus
    2011-06-08 11:51 AM
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    Attack Buster HD is now featured in Top 100 Free Apps. Attack Buster HD is a great game to play whenever you're bored.

    Attack Buster HD
    2011-06-08 11:57 AM
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    i like the style of the graphics
    2011-06-09 04:45 AM