1. LiniQue's Avatar
    Iíve tried many e-wallet applications but UniQPass seems to be one of the best in the market. Itís the only one so far where I can synchronise my data with all my devices. Well, almost allÖ.they have yet to come up with a Mac version! Here is whyÖ.

    I always try to have the same username and password for my different websites, but usually they are either taken, not valid or have some sort of restriction. So, I end up having too many different combinations which I canít memorize. UniQPass is great for this since I can save them all in one application and have it updated in all my devices. The company just released a free version for Windows, so it makes typing-in information much easier. I just have to fill in the details in my ďCardsĒ on my PC and I get it all synchronised with my iPhone and iPad. Great, right?

    One more thing is that I donít have to carry around all those business cards anymore! With UniQpass, I can just take a picture of any document and conveniently save it in the application under the different categories. So, I never have to carry around an overstuffed wallet or dig in my dusty drawers again for a business contact!

    UniQPass can be installed on any iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphone/ tablet and Windows PC. Currently the Android and Windows versions are Free to download. If you are interested or happen to be a well-connected internet nerd like me, it is worth a try!

    iPhone: UniQPass - Secure Password Manager & Photo Wallet for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    iPad: UniQPass HD - Secure Password Wallet & Data Vault for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    2011-06-16 01:21 PM
  2. danny29dec's Avatar
    i like eWallet more than this apps.... anyway, thanks for sharing!
    2011-06-18 12:57 PM
  3. Adilcoolrocks's Avatar
    I second UniQPass! It is amazing!
    2011-06-25 10:37 AM