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    iabol(c) is a web based multi carrier shipping platform for all size shippers. This application is the mobile version of iabol for USPS™ Flat Rate Services product. It’s the easiest way to ship USPS™ Flat Rate Services like Priority Mail ™ and Express Mail ™ Flat Rate Boxes where ever you are.

    It’s as simple as:

    A. select an address from your contacts
    B. select the shipping service
    C. print the label (AirPrint) or email it.
    D. Drop it in a mail box, hand it to your mail carrier or use iabol to show you closest postal location.


    •Prepare a USPS approved shipping label
    •Easy paying for shipping with your credit card
    •Print label with Air Print
    •Insure your shipment
    •Request signature confirmation
    •Lookup address from ipad contacts
    •Track any of your shipments
    •Locate closest Post Office or Office Depot™ location for drop off
    •Schedule an pickup from USPS.gov
    •Ship from your desktop on iabol.com with the same account
    •Sync your ipad address book into iabol.com
    •See reports and financial information on iabol.com

    iabol ship postal for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    2011-06-22 08:18 PM