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  1. Nina Singh's Avatar
    The ultimate classic game of Popping and Chopping for your iPad!

    What is Pop Chop HD all about?

    In this game you have to chop off strange looking creatures, avoid bombs, and pop up hearts and other life forms. But, if you fail either to Pop-Chop, you will lose a life.

    Pop Chop HD is an exciting puzzle game suitable for all ages, combining pleasing graphics with vibrant colors and funny animations. Download now for FREE to enjoy Popping and Chopping.

    Pop Chop HD

    2011-07-01 11:11 AM
  2. Nina Singh's Avatar
    Popping and Chopping games are all set to rule. Pop Chop HD is one such game that can be enjoyed for long hours.

    Download Pop Chop HD for FREE today!!!

    Pop Chop HD
    2011-07-04 10:11 AM