1. Nina Singh's Avatar
    Enjoy playing Doodle Car HD for FREE.

    Doodle Car HD is our new game that will keep your mind perplexed for hours.

    What you need to do in this game?

    Create a path to move your car and make it reach the check point. It sounds easy isn’t it? No its not. You have to create a path with the pre-defined shapes available, avoid obstacles and reach your destination. Check out what’s more.

    Download this game at zero cost and enjoy.

    Doodle Car HD

    2011-07-04 11:42 AM
  2. Nina Singh's Avatar
    Check out the official game trailer:

    2011-07-06 07:13 AM
  3. archie10's Avatar
    Brilliant strategy and quick reflex game... Once you start its like you cant stop playing Kudos to the developer
    2011-07-09 07:24 AM
  4. lily293's Avatar
    Checked the reviews.. Looks really challenging.. Will play and post a review
    2011-07-09 07:41 AM
  5. Nina Singh's Avatar
    Doodle Car HD is now featured in Top 200 Free Games (Overall). Download the free version today and gallop away to glory.

    The better you get, the harder the levels become. You may quickly get a solution for few levels, but it isn’t easy as you think.

    Doodle Car HD is instantly accessible, wholly addictive, and thoroughly entertaining.

    Doodle Car HD
    2011-07-11 02:07 PM
  6. Nina Singh's Avatar
    Doodle Car HD with loads of complex levels, traps, bonus items to collect is gaining popularity from all over.

    Create path; lead the car towards the destination crossing all the check points and overcome hurdles. Looks easy, but its not..

    Download this extremely FREE challenging puzzle game for countless hours of entertainment.

    Doodle Car HD
    2011-07-14 01:32 PM
  7. Nina Singh's Avatar
    Doodle Car HD is a brake less car with too many obstacles to avoid, check points to clear and one destination to reach but with no path to travel.

    Doodle Car HD is a brilliant combination of strategy and puzzle, where you have to build path for your car to pass through all the check points and reach the destination.

    Try completing all 50 crazily designed levels by downloading Doodle Car HD for FREE…..

    Doodle Car HD
    2011-07-19 06:57 AM