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  1. kris2pe's Avatar
    I get pdfs that has the colors all messed up in the ipad basically the colors are inverted. They looked normal in my pc though!
    When I enable the black over white option the colors are still messed up skin tones are converted to blue making every person the pdf look like Smurfs lol!
    Is there a way to fix this? Is there a way to fix this in my pc?
    2011-08-11 05:50 PM
  2. Jahooba's Avatar
    What program are you using?
    2011-08-11 07:25 PM
  3. kris2pe's Avatar
    It occurs on all PDF reader in iPad! But it looks normal on the pc.
    It only happens when I dl PDF of Men's Health USA lol!
    All the other pdfs are fine!
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    2011-08-12 12:29 AM