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    I have a 64 G iPad that is nearly full with content and apps and it seems to me it has become sluggish. It is jb and I think I remember during my jb research reading that it can cause hardware to become sluggish which I suppose might make sense if third party apps don't get the same level of scrutiny than the apple store apply. Anyway to get to my question.

    If I upgrade to the latest iOS or even resore to a spanking new 4.3.3 what happens all the progress that has been made on games bought on my iTunes account.

    A similar question is how can two iPads sych so that the progress levels in games are synched.

    Finally is there a way that my two kids of different ages and abilities can have their individual progresses separated out. I presume that is by user profiles but have all games this facility and how can such information be indepentand of hard wear and iOS loaded on machine. The obvious mechanism is that iTunes stores all that info. Is that a feature I am simplynot aware of. I want to restore to A 4.3.3 blob or shsh but don't want ww3 in the house by wiping out months of ha work and achievement on the part of the kids.

    2011-09-05 12:19 AM