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    Hi! I'm a teacher and also a mother and I just released my very first
    app called Futaba! It is a word game for young learners from ages 3 to 12 to play alone or even together. It can be played by up to 4 children at one time and my students love it!

    It's perfect for children 4-8 and is ideal for supporting class room
    activities of all types (or just as fun to play at home!). Futaba is a
    great way to learn a 2nd language learner or you could even use it in
    your history class.

    The idea is simple; Each player takes a seat around the iPad and taps in
    to start. The game begins as images zoom into the playing area. The
    first player to match the word to the image scores a point. Win 3 rounds
    and you'll be awarded a giant (but very friendly) seedling.

    I hope that parents and schools around the world will see Futaba as an
    inspiring and enjoyable educational tool to be used in homes and
    classrooms that fulfills a multitude of educational objectives: teaching
    and reinforcing vocabulary, teaching both reading and spelling skills,
    and providing students with hands-on opportunities to 'code' their own
    learning game.

    Review my App: Futaba: Word games for kids!-mzl.nbryuzxr.480x480-75.jpg
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    Here comes the Futaba Classroom Games edition. The classroom edition comes with a bunch of new learning games, including math, geography and Dolch sight vocabulary word games. Futaba is a ground breaking educational game that is revolutionizing the way teachers are using iPads in the classroom for K1 - K3 and preschoolers and it’s been floating around the very top of the Education category for the last 6 months. Kids, parents and teachers love it.

    Both directors are available for comment (if you’d like to do a more in depth style article on INKids or this application). If you need some promo codes let me know by sending me an email at [email protected].
    2012-02-07 04:08 PM
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    I just stumbled on this post, and am downloading it now. I will definitely give it a go (with my 3 year old) and do a short review.
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!
    2012-02-08 06:58 AM