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    I Would like to introduce a new app for ipad called PLapp.

    Speaking about PLapp, it provides a simple interface for assembling and coloring 3D models. Users can enjoy assembling and customizing the selection of 3D model kits.

    PLapp holds vaious types of materials with the color configuration panel.

    Five models are available in the PLapp. You can enjoy the PLapp by using any of the model you have desired. Just select the model, detach the parts and assemble them.

    PLapp also allows you to share the model in facebook or twitter .

    The app is awarded in the FWA TheFWA - PLapp

    The PLapp's original price is $4.99. But the app cost is reduced to $0.99. The Developers have announced a special offer for PLapp. The app has been selected as the Entertainment App of the year 2011 by "App Store Rewind 2011 on App store in South Korea. So to celebrate this achievement, this offer has been announced.

    Get this offer before December 29, 2011.

    Check out the demo video of PLapp

    Download PLapp here

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ryan Taylor
    2011-12-27 01:45 PM
  2. thetoothfairy's Avatar
    Wow neat app! Nothing like it out there!
    2012-01-17 05:42 PM