1. satwar's Avatar
    I'm considering purchasing an ipad to funtion as a home automation console. The company I'm dealing with, mControl Embedded Automations, has posted a native app for the ipad to operate as a mControl client for a mControl PC server.

    Additionally I've successfully developed a custom command line on the PC server which runs the PSexec.exe process to launch a browser page on a remote client PC. I use a special Runas command to automatically provide userID and password to the PC client so that no action is required by the client. My challenge is to launch an ipad browser page on a remote client ipad from a command line issued on the PC server.

    The easiest path to follow is to jailbreak the ipad and then install Windows. Since the ipad is now a PC, I just copy what I've already developed.

    I'm wondering, however, if there is a more elegant process of achieving my goal ? The ipad certainly requires jailbreaking but still remains an ipad. Is there an app that would allow my PC server to launch an ipad browser page on a remote client ipad ?
    2012-03-29 04:38 AM