1. alexevo's Avatar
    So as I was editing the settings in the systemversion.plist file so I could download apps from the app store for 5.1 even though I only have jail broken 5.0.1 I thought about something.

    Since simply changing 2 lines in the .plist file is sufficient to fake iOS and the app store into thinking that the device has the proper iOS version for the app then first, is it safe to just leave the systemversion.plist file that way with it reflecting 5.1 even though 5.0.1 is the actual installed version, and second, if that is safe then would leaving it that way prevent iOS on iPads or iPhones from updating itself via the OTA updater?
    2012-04-10 08:27 AM
  2. iRockADI's Avatar
    That's cool, so you can now be safe to don't update by error to 5.1 till jb-u

    Where do I find this .plist? iPod 4 & iPad 2
    2012-04-17 11:05 AM