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    One of my favorite apps that I worked on is 4Browsers. App Store - 4Browsers . I released this app a while ago. It was tough getting this app approved by apple because of the multi-screen widget. The app works on both iphone/ipad.

    I looking for feedback on improving the app. Any suggestions.

    Here is the app description -

    Best web browsers for simulation 4 Webs browsers

    Now available for iPad and iPhone.

    Imagine using 4 browsers at the same time. Imagine getting things done faster than usual by using 4 browsers. This is app will make that imagination a reality.

    This app allows you to use 4 independent browsers at the same time. The unique about this browser is that you can scroll through 4 different browsers at the same time. You can either use 4 browsers sequentially or at the same time.

    Think about increase in productivity!

    *Collective Browser View
    *4 independent browsers.
    *Full screen Browsing.
    *Homepage Change

    Here are few screenshots of the app

    2012-06-24 07:01 PM