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    Sea Battle - Battleships. Game for iPhone and iPad-26660d1349468169t-game-release-sea-battle-battleships-game-iphone-ipad-mzl_xeifupcb_170x170_75.png Sea Battle - Battleships Sea Battle - Sea Battle - Battleships for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Not than not remarkable Earth day, has appeared then fatal for many. Unknown objects have got into the terrestrial atmosphere, near the Hawaiian Islands. In this regard incident, to the area of presumable falling, has sent forces of Naval Forces of the USA and the Navy of Russia. Russian have arrived the first, the last messages received in radio interception, spoke about attack by their unknown alien ships. Then communication has been completely lost.

    When the squadron of Naval Forces of the USA has approached to a place of falling, there is nothing did not speak about that that here occurred hour before. As suddenly in the distance, seamen have seen hardly appreciable ship which silhouette was not similar to one of created on the earth before the ships. In only a few seconds, the sky it has been covered with an unclear green board. All communication of a squadron has been interrupted. Almost all radar has been put out of action. Chances almost did not remain. The ships of a squadron were destroyed one behind one. And only to one Destroyer has had the luck to survive in this slaughter-house. But on it difficulties you and your team have not ended. Having contacted a staff to you it was ordered to hold the enemy to an approach of the incorporated forces of the USA and Russia. Survival of mankind depends now only on you!

    Unique system of sea battle, unused earlier in one game.
    Beautiful schedule. Which will help you to feel itself as a part of the ship.
    Magnificent sound.
    Global table of records

    Sea Battle - Battleships. Game for iPhone and iPad-26661d1349468364t-game-release-sea-battle-battleships-game-iphone-ipad-mzl_ieppqxlr_480x480_75.jpgSea Battle - Battleships. Game for iPhone and iPad-26662d1349468392t-game-release-sea-battle-battleships-game-iphone-ipad-mzl_plgedood_480x480_75.jpg

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