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    I have an iPad 2 (iOS 5.1.1) wifi and an iPhone 4(iOS 5.1.1). I have AT&T uverse u450 with all the premium movie channels.
    I have used hbo go on my iPad and iphone for several weeks including this morning, but now I can't sign in on my iPad. I can still use it on my iPhone.
    The error message I get says "it appears that your AT&T uverse subscription does not include hbo. Hbo go is available free to att uverse customers who subscribe to hbo. If you believe you have received this message in error please call AT&T.
    I have called AT&T uverse to fix this but they say the problem is not on their end, as I can access it on my iPhone. They suggested I call apple.
    Other remedies I have tried include: hard closing the app, deleting and reinstalling the app, rebooting the iPad. None of which has worked.
    And I can't seem to find out if hbo has tech support or how to contact them.
    Any help would be much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!
    2012-11-04 02:50 AM